Recommended PC Software and Settings for ESR

The PC checker below shows the software currently supported by IBM to access ESR. Other versions of software can be used but may not be supported.
Recommended Your PC Indicator
Internet Explorer 11 Help
Java JRE between and Help
Flash version 10.3 or above Help
Shockwave v12 or above Help
Popups Enabled Help
Cookies Enabled Help
Screen Resolution 1280x1024 Help
Note: Flash is not a requirement for all National e-Learning courses, e.g the National Statutory and Mandatory courses do not require the installation of Flash. Shockwave is only required for IT Skills Pathway courses, you do not need to install it unless you intend to play these courses.

Connectivity Problems

To ensure your PC connects to OLM correctly, please enrol on the 'Using e-Learning in ESR' course in OLM and play the first module. This will test the connectivity between your PC and ESR.

Oracle Certified Software

ESR is based on Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Click Here to find the versions of software that have been tested by Oracle to work with Oracle E-Business Suite R12.